KeePassX 2.0 Alpha 6 released

I hereby announce the latest alpha release of KeePassX: 2.0 Alpha 6.

It fixes a security issue that allows you to use global auto-type even when the database is locked.
Thanks to Dmitry Medvinsky for reporting this.

The most important changes are:

  • Add option to lock databases after user inactivity [#62]
  • Add compatibility with libgcrypt 1.6 [#129]
  • Display passwords in monospace font [#51]
  • Use an icon for the button that shows/masks passwords [#38]
  • Add an option to show passwords by default [#93]
  • Improve password generator design [#122]
  • On Linux link .kdbx files with KeePassX
  • Remember window size [#154]
  • Disallow global auto-typing when the database is locked

Special thanks to Albert Weichselbraun and Michael Curtis for their contributions to this release.

Please test the new version and report any issues at


You can also checkout the latest source code from our git repository at

Beware: this is an alpha release. While I believe the code base is already rather stable make sure to regularly backup your database.

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162 Responses to “KeePassX 2.0 Alpha 6 released”

  1. PhilB says:

    I have downloaded this on my Macs (book and mini) running 10.10.1 (OS X Yosemite)
    They both hook up to the database I now store in dropbox
    My keepass2andriod mobile app is also linked
    As is my original keepass v2 software installed on an old vista PC.

    So this is truly cross-platform in my opinion and the read/write operations from this Alpha release are perfectly fine with me other devices that share the same repository.

    Top Job, thank you so much.

  2. Alex says:

    You guys are the best. This Keepass2 was one of the few tools I missed on Linux when I came from Windows. *was*. Great job!

  3. Dan says:

    The alpha version seems to be running fine, which is great. Any chance of getting the autotype feature for Mac OS?

  4. 3k says:

    This is just like the normal KeePass but truly cross-platform and still very usable. Thanks to everyone that helps making this possible!

  5. Brian says:

    Trying to open a database on a mac (originally created on a PC and still working under Windows) but it returns the error message:

    Unable to open the database.
    Wrong key or database file is corrupt.

    I can open it on a Windows laptop right beside me so I know the password and key are correct. Any ideas?


    • JK says:

      This has happened to me twice in the past 6 months. I’m locked out of my alpha 6 password store. It happened in late summer, and again just now (1 January 2015). I tried opening it on 2 Macs, both running Yosemite. A Yosemite problem? A Dropbox sync problem? The dreaded error message:

      Unable to open the database.
      XML error:
      Premature end of document.
      Line 1, column 0

      Painful lesson learned. Back to the stable version (0.4.3.) until a fix is announced.

  6. Dale says:

    Been using alpha 6 on Linux and Windows for several months now without a problem. Kind of wondering when this thing is going to beta. Would be nice if it had a visible countdown for when the clipboard is cleared.

  7. JS Hard says:

    I’ve been using KeePassX for about a year, most recently on OS X Yosemite, without any issue. KeePassX was a pleasure to find, as for many years I used Windows platform. Had to convert to Mac to develop on ios.

  8. Kalle says:

    This seems to work great.

    One reason we would like to use Keepass 2 databases is that the Windows version handles multiple users connected to the same database at the same time.
    With KeepassX it seems that when you save a database it simply overwrites everything with your open copy, regardless if anyone else is connected.

    I assume this is some low level file locking checking for Windows, but do you think we’ll ever see this supported in KeepassX as well?

  9. Q A says:

    Been using KeePassX for year now – thanks! On Yosemite with KeePassX 2.0 Alpha 6, and two issues to report:

    (1) Can’t seem to get autotype to actually work. I highlight the entry, hit cmd-V and absolutely nothing happens. Am I doing something wrong?

    (2) Column width – the “Title” column when viewing the database is very narrow. I make it wider, but it always resets to very narrow when reopening the program. Would be nice if it remembered how wide it was.


    • Guest says:

      I’m using v2 since 2012. The best app I have, the first one I open when I restard the os and the last one I close when I shtudown the OS.

      The “column width reset” is the only “bug” I found so far, and this in case it’s a bug. I call it bug because previous v0.4.3 remembered the size when saved the database.

      Other than that everything is every fine under Mavericks, and now in Yosemite 10.2 for 3 months…

      THANK YOU!

  10. y2k says:

    Can someone here provide detailed instructions on how to compile and install this version on Debian Wheezy?

  11. akr says:

    Hi, Thank you so much for the new release. The custom fields is exactly I wanted. I have a quick query with respect to custom fields. From where or which option do I need to select to mask the custom field’s value i.e., it should display ‘******’ instead of the actual value. Also, can I use the database that I created on my Windows box as it is? I am using keepass2 on Windows.


  12. JetJaguar says:

    All I can say is THANK YOU! I was able to open my KeePass2 database with KeePassX 2 Alpha 6. AWESOME!!!!! Also, thank you for the installation information provided with the source.

    Please let me know if you need any information about how it’s working on openSUSE 13.2.


  13. Johnny English says:

    I really like the combination of KeePassX with the Http support, and have been using the fork from which at this point is at Alpha 5.

    I was wondering are there any plans for a KeePassX 2.0 actual release? It would be great if it could also contain the work from Keith to include the Http support.

  14. Dave says:

    Thanks. Installed Alpha 6 on Mac Yosemite today. Long time keepass user but now forced onto mac and found this SO easy.

  15. nodje says:

    Any chance to get v2.0 it working under 10.6 ?
    What if I compile it myself?

    • nodje says:

      Keepass 0.4.3 works under 10.6 and can read .kdb, 2.0 works with 10.10 but can’t read .kdb, so there’s no way to share a database between old and new macs…

  16. Sam_I_am says:

    How much money would it cost for this thing to go beta at least?

  17. megamih says:

    Hi and thank you for your efforts πŸ™‚

    Could you please guide me, if the following features supported/can be configured somehow:

    1) Placeholders (

    In the URL field, you can use several placeholders that will get automatically replaced when the URL is executed. For example:{USERNAME}&pass={PASSWORD}

    2) Globally changing the URL behavior (

    If you want to change the default URL action for an URL scheme (e.g. http://, https:// or ftp://), you can define an URL scheme override in ‘Tools’ -> ‘Options’ -> tab ‘Integration’ -> ‘URL Overrides’.

  18. adude says:

    Any chance we can get a new alpha based on the current state? Seems like development has stalled. What would it take? I do not mind donating.

  19. ehmsea says:

    Keep up the good work – this is a great piece of software! IMHO this is minimally beta software and should be released as such. Alpha 6 version is a MUCH better alternative than using the KeePass2 integrated with Mono and XQuartz under Yosemite. I don’t fully understand exactly KeePassX’s relationship (fork?) with the original KeePass app but the interaction with the .kdbx db type across all the various device flavors has worked quite well. I’m using the following (all version 2 = .kdbx, not version 1 = .kdb db type):

    KeePass Password Safe 2.28 under Windows (only tested for others ; I support, but don’t regularly use MS products), keepass 2.25 via apt-get under Ubuntu-14.04, KeePassX (Alpha 6) under OS-X 10.10, MiniKeePass under IOS 8.1.3, and will soon test KeePassDroid for Android devices. MiniKeePass on IOS is a little clunky with the import/export from/to dropbox, but certainly usable. I’d also like to find a more secure way to deal with the keys on mobile devices, but this is not necessarily a KeePass issue, but more an issue of the mobile device paradigm.

    The last decade I’ve been using encrypted .dmg images on OS-X stored on USB sticks and now dropbox, which has been effective but somewhat limiting for other devices that don’t run OS-X. I’ve looked at the “LastPass” product and I’m not really interested in a browser-based password management scheme that stores everything online. Dropbox manages the syncing thing pretty well, making this KeePassX app very much what I’m seeking to secure passwords (and specific file types, perhaps?). I haven’t worked with it long enough re: attachments but will soon enough. Regarding post #11 about Wheezy on RPi, I’ll be crossing this bridge in the next month or two and will try to provide feedback, if somebody hasn’t tackled this already.

    I highly encourage keeping development alive moving forward with this app so let me know how I can help make that happen! I’m certainly one of the people in this particular niche that KeePassX satisfies!

    Thanks kindly,

  20. leckermojito says:


    Works so far very well but i have seen a problem with the “password” row. There is none πŸ™‚
    I only see the Titel, Username, URL fields. No Passwords in the lists

  21. Constantin says:

    Thanks for the good work!
    I use this software on a daily basis and I’m very pleased with it’s feature set and stability.

    Keep it up!

  22. TontonManu says:

    Thanks for this great job! I’ve been using 0.4.3 for ages on Ubuntu, this Alpha series brings a new breath!
    Is it possible for autotype function to call “additional attributes”?
    Nice app anyway.

  23. Florian R, says:

    I’d pay for a stable and up-to-date version. (non-alpha)
    Please keep on going.
    We don’t want to see another security project die.

  24. Stephan says:

    Is KeePassX still under development? I would pay too for a stable release.

  25. David says:

    Agree with them, I’m okay too buy a copy of this great program.
    And YES, PLEASE : ” We don’t want to see another security project die. “