KeePassX 2.0 Alpha 6 released

I hereby announce the latest alpha release of KeePassX: 2.0 Alpha 6.

It fixes a security issue that allows you to use global auto-type even when the database is locked.
Thanks to Dmitry Medvinsky for reporting this.

The most important changes are:

  • Add option to lock databases after user inactivity [#62]
  • Add compatibility with libgcrypt 1.6 [#129]
  • Display passwords in monospace font [#51]
  • Use an icon for the button that shows/masks passwords [#38]
  • Add an option to show passwords by default [#93]
  • Improve password generator design [#122]
  • On Linux link .kdbx files with KeePassX
  • Remember window size [#154]
  • Disallow global auto-typing when the database is locked

Special thanks to Albert Weichselbraun and Michael Curtis for their contributions to this release.

Please test the new version and report any issues at


You can also checkout the latest source code from our git repository at

Beware: this is an alpha release. While I believe the code base is already rather stable make sure to regularly backup your database.

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162 Responses to “KeePassX 2.0 Alpha 6 released”

  1. Bevan says:

    Love this program Keepassx 2.0 alpha 6, much better looking than keepass which looks crap on linux.

  2. Vladimir says:

    Dont Die! Will pay with pleasure reasonable amount for it

  3. Mark Sund says:

    We love Keepass – would pay for licensed version if that would help keep it going – $29 ought to be an attractive and worthwhile price.

  4. Keepass Enthusiast says:

    I really hope KeePassx hasn’t bitten the dust. For those of us that live by this software, and the Mac + Mono version of the original KeePass just doesn’t cut it, this fork is really a godsend for the security minded.

    Thanks for your hard work and we hope to hear from the dev team soon!!

  5. Andy says:

    last alpha release dates a year ago. is this still under development? please i like keepassx v1 and hope this will see a stable release soon!

  6. Kevin says:

    To those asking if this project is still under development, you can see that there is still activity on the development site, here:

    Felix Geyer and Florian Geyer appear to be the two most active contributors by far, but there are 19 people helping this project along. I am considering making a donation to encourage these fine folks to continue their efforts. I hope you will too!

  7. Jei says:

    yes just look at the git commits if you want to know project activity. if you want to test a newer versions just compile it yourself. they probably just don’t do regular releases themselves because it’s alpha test. also “would pay for licensed version”? why would you not want GPLed version where you have freedom? donate instead the amount you would pay! I already did so myself.

  8. Jeff says:

    Just wanted to thank the developers who are working on this – it’s a great project! I hope development can continue in the future and I am hopeful that a Beta will be released soon! Thanks for your work.

  9. Jeb says:

    Love this product and would happily pay a reasonable price to compensate those who have worked so hard to develop it. The suggestion for $29 suits me!

  10. Pyotr says:

    You guys know, that the donation button is on the LEFT side of the site, and it does help the developer? If you want to pay, go ahead. It’s a great inspiration for devs, for projects.

  11. Geo says:

    I love this program, too! But I’d pay up to $10, $29 is too much.

  12. Wolli says:

    May i donate with Bitcoins? I HATE PAYPAL!!! Ö

    I would donate 0,15 Bitcoins.

    And YES, PLEASE : ” We don’t want to see another security project die. “

  13. Duderon says:

    Please keep this project going. Don’t want to install .NET

  14. Ichabod says:

    I’d like to second the option to donate with Bitcoins. It can be pretty simple to setup and easy to accept with payment processors like and

    Thanks for the great project!

  15. Jan says:

    Hey there,

    I´ve just tried to open the old .kdb database with your last Keepass 2 alpha 6 release…is there any way to open old files?
    Furthermore KeePassX 0.4.3 is no longer maintained, but I can get it in your download area…is there a new maintained version?

  16. Jacob says:

    KeePassX is under ACTIVE DEVELOPMENT! So no need to panic 🙂

    Proof is in the git repo! It’s updated frequently by Felix Geyer (main KeePassX dev) and others:

    The 2.X version is taking a long time to get out of alpha, probably due to 1) having to support all of 1.X features AND 2) supporting new features.

    Don’t hesitate to donate to show your support!!

  17. Yury says:

    I would gladly pay for a supported version of this app which can open 2.x files.

  18. Aldo says:

    Hi guy, I’ve just made a donation to thanx the devs! May the others do the same… 😀

  19. Jose says:

    Great Job guys.
    Waiting for Beta.

  20. Darren says:

    keepasshttp does not seem to be working with the Alpha6 release on mac os Yosemite.

    Does anyone else has this issue?

  21. random says:

    Keep it open source. Don’t make a privative soft.
    Please, donate to those who make your life easier.

  22. JK says:

    I have a issue where my kdbx has apparently become partially corrupt. It works find in current KeePassX alpha, but when I try to use the db in any other KeePass program (like my iPad), I get parse errors.

    I see a program kdbx-extract.cpp in the source tree, but I’m not sure how to build it (never built Mac software) on Mavericks.

    Can someone please give me a 1/2 clue how to extract my db and reimport it so I can build a clean kdbx file?



  23. anon says:

    Since this is noot backwards compatable with .kdb databases, it would be better to change the executable name to keepassx2 since it uses the KeePass2 database format.

    In CMakeLists.txt, change this:

    set(PROGNAME KeePassX)
    set(PROGNAME keepassx)

    to this:

    set(PROGNAME KeePassX2)
    set(PROGNAME keepassx2)

    This way users can try it out without breaking their current keepassx install.