KeePassX 2.0.3 released

We’re happy to announce the latest bugfix release of KeePassX.

Full changelog:

  • Improved error reporting when reading / writing databases fails. [#450, #462]
  • Display an error message when opening a custom icon fails.
  • Detect custom icon format based on contents instead of the filename. [#512]
  • Keep symlink intact when saving databases. [#442].
  • Fix a crash when deleting parent group of recycle bin. [#520]
  • Display a confirm dialog before moving an entry to the recycle bin. [#447]
  • Repair UUIDs of inconsistent history items. [#130]
  • Only include top-level windows in auto-type window list when using gnome-shell.
  • Update translations.
  • You can fetch the new release from the downloads page.

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164 Responses to “KeePassX 2.0.3 released”

  1. Kishan says:

    That’s why KeepassXC came into existence

  2. Rinaldus says:

    Forget about KeepassX, it’s dead. KeepassXC is actual fork.

  3. Jack Ouzzi says:

    More ‘import’ possibilities on the MAC version of KeePass please .. (Lastpass etc etc)

  4. Caotran says:

    Thanks for latest version!

  5. Klaus says:


    Seems like the Installer is not working on MacOS Mojave. Can you check please?


  6. Shawna says:

    KeePassX is a popular software i am using this software and thanks for updating the software good work. i hope the new installer work correctly

  7. Guy says:

    After 3 years still better than KeepassXC.

  8. Ajmal Sheikh says:

    Can we please add digital signature to this for MacOS? As of now it is restricted by security settings and had to be whitelisted explicitly

  9. Guy2 says:

    > After 3 years still better than KeePassXC.

    How so?

  10. Arturo says:


    I don’t know why now keepassx is not working for me, open the database but doesn’t show anything, the panels are empty, but if I open the database in Android for example, works fine… anyone with this problem?? I think it’s some library version??

  11. Anonymous says:

    same issue here

  12. scrap says:

    I’m getting database corrupt error. The older version I got that a lot but eventurally I could get it to work. This newer version of Keepassx seemed more stable but just recently I began to get the same message and I cannot get the database to work. Any ideas??

  13. קומפי says:

    I like your post & I will always be coming frequently to read more of your post. Thank you very much for your post once more.

  14. return man 3 says:

    Thanks for sharing us a piece of great information that is actually helpful

  15. This Software HAsn't Been UPdated since 2016!!! says:

    Use keepassxc instead! It’s the forked but updated and currently maintained software! If not that, then use the mainline regular keepass which is also (less) updated and (possibly I’m not sure) maintained software. Google it up and come to your own decisions, but y’all are making a bad decision to keep using security software that’s not receiving updates!

  16. Masahiro Fukudome says:

    Thank you very much!

  17. Frank says:

    I can confirm KeePassXC is a working alternative, thanks guys!

  18. bobdriz says:

    I Can’t login to KeepassX. this is a new occurrence, when I click on the KeepassX icon on my desktop like I have for about 7 or 8 years I get a password manager window, and I don’t see any options there for a login page.

  19. How about auto-type? I am really missing this feature at os x…