KeePassX 2.0.3 released

We’re happy to announce the latest bugfix release of KeePassX.

Full changelog:

  • Improved error reporting when reading / writing databases fails. [#450, #462]
  • Display an error message when opening a custom icon fails.
  • Detect custom icon format based on contents instead of the filename. [#512]
  • Keep symlink intact when saving databases. [#442].
  • Fix a crash when deleting parent group of recycle bin. [#520]
  • Display a confirm dialog before moving an entry to the recycle bin. [#447]
  • Repair UUIDs of inconsistent history items. [#130]
  • Only include top-level windows in auto-type window list when using gnome-shell.
  • Update translations.
  • You can fetch the new release from the downloads page.

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164 Responses to “KeePassX 2.0.3 released”

  1. Dxvid says:

    I tested KeePassXC for the first time today on Linux. OS X and Windows users might prefer KeePassXC over KeePassX as autotype works there:

    I can’t say anything about security or how many hidden bugs it has, but the GUI is much better than KeePassX which has had unfixed GUI-bugs for a few years. Only disadvantage I could find was that it has a function to talk with web browsers through plugins which I don’t think I will use and therefore offers no advantage to me but might possibly be a security threat if accidentally left on in settings. I don’t know, but it should’ve been put in an optional plugin not in the main program.

    The original KeePass for Windows/.Net has more functionality and is probably more secure in Windows than both KeePassX and KeePassXC and works great on Win7, 8.x and 10. .Net lowers the risk for security related bugs created by programmers compared to C++. But on Linux the GUI isn’t appealing, has bugs and requires mono so X and XC are better there in my opinion.

    On my Linux machines I think I might switch from X to XC, but I’ll test XC a few weeks first and look for bugs before the switch. In Windows I’ll probably use the original KeePass.

  2. Dxvid says:

    Also want to say thank you to the developer(s) and contributor(s) of KeePassX. I’ve used it for several years and I really appreciate your work. Tanks!

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  4. Bob says:

    First, thanks for the great free software, really appreciate it. Please can I add a feature request for KeePassX? If possible please can you look into adding the ability to import version 2 databases on Linux. I regularly use multiple Windows and Linux workstations and I can open a v2 database from Windows on Linux but I cannot merge one, which means that any new Linux entries must be imported into KeePass on Windows first before re-opening on Linux, this is a bit of a pain as my Linux machine is air gapped from my Windows one by a few hundred miles!

  5. Markus says:

    Keep up the good work!

  6. Leslee Elli says:

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  7. The article is interesting and useful. I tried it and found it really useful. Thank you very much.

  8. Oleksandr says:


    Could you provide the latest package for Ubuntu 16.04?
    The repository contains only 2.0.2.


  9. Gapps says:

    Awesome. just what I was looking for. Re-blogging to

  10. dafmatok says:

    Excellent! Thanks for the release.

  11. Laurent says:

    Thank you for this great tool, I am just new to Mac and used to use Keepass 2 on Windows, I was really embarassed when I found out that it did not work as expected with mono.

    Having a compatibility between DB with Keepass 2 is just so powerful and time saving.

    Do you plan new features or having plugins for 2018 ?

    All the Best

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  13. This is very educational content and written well for a change. It’s nice to see that some people still understand how to write a quality post.!
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  14. gapps says:

    Thanks for the update guys!

  15. Perfect. Was looking forward to it.

  16. Faruk says:

    I feel like all your ideas are incredible! good article helped me a lot

  17. it’s amazing. can you give me-
    a new package?

  18. Zal says:

    I have a few versions of Keepass. I was trying to backup KeepassX 2, and was looking for the database.
    I had a few of them, now I don’t know the exact location keepassdata.kdbx should be, as I was opening and moving them 😉
    Right now I have this database on the desktop.
    Any help please ?

  19. Dave says:

    I can’t say anything about security or how many hidden bugs it has, but thanks for sharing

  20. Franck says:

    Can’t get it to open my database anymore since I updated to macOS High Sierra.

  21. Gabriel says:

    Unfortunately I can’t open a keystroke (kdbx 2) I had in Linux (RHEL 7.4) in Mac OS X Sierra.

  22. Alsec says:

    Tested KeePassXC today on Linux. Gotta say, I’m impressed.

  23. comfi says:

    Great job. Keep up the good work.

  24. Dafmatok says:

    I’ve been using KeePassX for several years and I really appreciate your work. Thank you guys.

  25. kpxonly says:

    KeepassX 2.0.3 is a tool that have proven to be reliable, simple, light. Keep it up like this !

    It’s something I rarely say but “You should add a donation link to this website”. Thanks for this app.