KeePassX 0.4.4 Security Update released

Two security flaws have been discovered in KeePassX 0.4.3.
Version 2.0 has a different codebase and is not affected.

  • CVE-2015-8359: DLL Preloading vulnerability on Windows
    The version of Qt bundled with KeePassX 0.4.3 is vulnerable to a DDL preloading attack.
    This vulnerability only affects KeePassX on Windows.
    If successfully exploited, arbitrary code can be executed in the context of KeePassX.
    KeePassX 0.4.4 ships with Qt 4.8.7 and employs additional hardening measures.
    Thanks to Trenton Ivey from SecureWorks for reporting this vulnerability to us.
  • CVE-2015-8378: Canceling XML export function creates export as “.xml” file
    When canceling the “Export to > KeePassX XML file” function the cleartext passwords were still exported.
    In this case the password database was exported as the file “.xml” in the current working directory (often $HOME or the directory of the database).
    Originally reported as Debian bug #791858

KeePassX 0.4.4 fixes both vulnerabilities.
It is available as a source tarball and Windows / Mac OS X binaries: Download
The OS X bundle contains only a 64bit binary (compared to 0.4.3 which shipped as i386 and powerpc).
The fix for CVE-2015-8378 is also available as a patch: CVE-2015-8378.patch

We will still provide security support for the 0.4 series for some time but please consider updating to version 2.0 instead.

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36 Responses to “KeePassX 0.4.4 Security Update released”

  1. qt001 says:


    #include “random.h”
    #include <— Add here

    #if defined(Q_WS_X11) || defined(Q_WS_MAC)

    # make install
    # keepassx

  2. Duck life says:

    KeePassX 0.4.4 fixes both vulnerabilities. better than the instrument version. I enjoyed this update.

  3. Do you have estimated time for next version?

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  6. Brenda McClean says:

    my keypass seems to have disappeared .I had many many passwords in it and they are all gone what can I do to get them back please