KeePassX 2.0.1 released

We’re happy to announce the latest bugfix release of KeePassX.

If you were unable to open your database and got the error message XML error: Unexpected '':
Please upgrade to version 2.0.1 and repair your database with Database > Repair database.
The error is caused by certain special (unprintable) characters in the database.
These characters could find their way into the database by pasting them into an entry or by importing a .kdb database.

Full changelog:

  • Flush temporary file before opening attachment. [#390]
  • Disable password generator when showing entry in history mode. [#422]
  • Strip invalid XML chars when writing databases. [#392]
  • Add repair function to fix databases with invalid XML chars. [#392]
  • Display custom icons scaled. [#322]
  • Allow opening databases that have no password and keyfile. [#391]
  • Fix crash when importing .kdb files with invalid icon ids. [#425]
  • Update translations.

Special thanks to everyone who reported the bugs and to all the translators!

You can fetch the new release from the downloads page.

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3 Responses to “KeePassX 2.0.1 released”

  1. KKTK says:

    Hi, thanks for efforts.
    But I have suggestion, please make generation panel smaller. Usually I keep KeePassX at screen bottom and after entering Gen. mode program window goes out of bottom limits. That is one issue, but then on 800px screen program is too big. It is now a program you want to keep nearly fullscreen.

  2. Heinz Blume says:

    Please give me your full address – that I can write it down it to my Keepass- System.!!!
    ( by the way – I got the old KeepassX – System in the years 2005 -2009 with my old Windows System !)

    How I can take the numbers in my newer Mac-System ? ( since about 2013 ?)


  3. SPG says:

    I’ve been using KeePassX for over a year and it’s great. I never really had any problems, so I had no need for a new version, but KeePassX 2 seems good, too! My only complaint would be how much screen real estate the KeePassX 2 window takes up. In the older version I was able to resize the window to just fit the 4 or 5 entries that I needed most often. Now, since the “main” window is also used for the Settings, the minimum size is quite large. It would be great if I could resize the window smaller. Of course, this might mean that the Settings pane would need scrollbars (so the user could scroll to see all the options), but for the me the ability to size the window is much more important than the small “annoyance” of having to scroll the Settings pane to see all the options. By the way, I am using an 11″ laptop with a screen resolution of 1366 x 768.

    Thanks for listening!