KeePassX 2.0 Alpha 4 released

I’m happy to announce the fourth alpha release of KeePassX 2.0.

The most important changes are:
– Add random password generator. [#52]
– Merge the ‘Description’ tab into the ‘Entry’ tab. [#59]
– Fix crash when deleting history items. [#56]
– Fix crash on Mac OS X Mountain Lion during startup. [#50]
– Improved KeePassX application icon. [#58]

Please test the new version and report any issues at


You can also checkout the latest source code from our git repository at

Beware, this is an alpha release and not intended to be used in a production environment.

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73 Responses to “KeePassX 2.0 Alpha 4 released”

  1. Win Nie says:

    Zur Zeit benutze ich KeePassX 0.4.3 auf Mac OS 10.7.5
    Die neue Version KeePassX 2. ist interessant.
    Ist eine Konversion der Daten von meiner jetzigen Version auf
    KeePass2 vorgesehen? Falls Ja, wann wird das sein? (die Handarbeit
    um hunderte von Datensätzen neu einzugeben wäre unverhältnismässig).


    • chief_wrench says:

      If you have one availabele, you can do that conversion on a winDOS Box with keepass for windows.

  2. John Robson says:

    Good Installing process:

    === Download & Extract / Update ===
    $ cd /srv/sources/git/Programs/keepassx && git pull
    $ cd /tmp && rm -rf /tmp/build/manual && mkdir -p /tmp/build/manual && cd /tmp/build/manual

    === Configure ===
    $ cmake /srv/sources/git/Programs/keepassx
    or $ ./configure
    or $ auto-apt run ./configure

    === Build ===
    $ checkinstall
    or $ make

    === Install ===
    $ sudo dpkg -i *.deb
    or $ sudo make install

    === Remove Temporary Files ===
    $ cd /tmp && rm -rf /tmp/build/manual

  3. vriensr says:

    Since today I cannot access my database anymore using KeePassX 2.0 Alpha 4
    Opening it from Windows or via my iPhone App still works flawless…

    Error message on my Mac immediately after entering the master password:

    Unable to open the database.
    Invalid database file (error no 6).
    Line 137, column 1435

    Do you have any clue?

  4. Pete says:

    Please add an (optional) option to automatically open the last used database on startup.

  5. Caste says:

    Easy steps for Installation:

    sudo apt-add-repository ppa:jtaylor/keepass
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install keepass2

  6. David Kirwan says:

    Wonderful guys, much nicer than emulating the Windows version through Mono! Looking forward to testing the KeePassX 2.x branch

  7. Eric B. says:

    For anyone interested, there is also a MacPorts portfile available for installation.

  8. Alex M says:

    AutoType doesn’t work. OSX/Windows7 Google Chrome browser 🙁

  9. Paul says:

    KeePassX 2.0 alpha versions are amazing so far. Thank you so much. For me there is one key feature (for me) that has not made it yet in: The ability to access KeePass 2 files over https connections (and even better, with support for webdav). That’s how I share my keepass archives over multiple devices, and it is the one feature that KeePass2 has that is preventing me dropping KeePass2 in favour of KeePassX. I look forward to the day this feature makes it in. Thanks!

  10. Luke says:

    Works great so far. It would be nice if there was an option to have it auto open your last file similar to the way the windows KeePass2 does it.

    Other than that, I haven’t had any problems.

  11. R.A. says:

    KeePassX is great. I used the old version and was thrilled to see the release of Version 2. Building this open-source and cross-platform tool has brought great convenience to many thousands of users. It will make it easier for me to switch back to Linux as well! Thank you so very much!