KeePassX 2.0.3 released

We’re happy to announce the latest bugfix release of KeePassX.

Full changelog:

  • Improved error reporting when reading / writing databases fails. [#450, #462]
  • Display an error message when opening a custom icon fails.
  • Detect custom icon format based on contents instead of the filename. [#512]
  • Keep symlink intact when saving databases. [#442].
  • Fix a crash when deleting parent group of recycle bin. [#520]
  • Display a confirm dialog before moving an entry to the recycle bin. [#447]
  • Repair UUIDs of inconsistent history items. [#130]
  • Only include top-level windows in auto-type window list when using gnome-shell.
  • Update translations.
  • You can fetch the new release from the downloads page.

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49 Responses to “KeePassX 2.0.3 released”

  1. fs987 says:

    Nice work, very useful

  2. Vn Fernandes says:

    Great Work!!

    Thank you!

  3. David says:

    STILL no XML or CSV import for the Mac version, making this effort somewhat useless.

  4. HardwareBob says:

    Hi, when is YubiKey support coming for OTP?

  5. Rafael says:

    Very nice and useful app. Congratulations and thanks to developers and contributors.

  6. Alfonso says:

    Hi, I have a problem downloading the libqt4-core library, it seems not to be available.

  7. Anonymous says:


  8. vantuz says:

    With the high resolution screen 4K 2160*3840 px of the program window is very small
    Scaling menus and headers – 2X
    ubuntu 16.04 / 16.10

    There will be improvements made to whether the normal zoom

  9. Gilles says:

    Does anybody can tell me if a firefox’s plugin exist to autofill fields ? something like keepasshttp ?

  10. Greg says:

    Finally! Thank you. Can open my KeePass database from my PC and Mac now. Been looking for this for days!

  11. Bhagt says:

    Great Job!!!! Very nice tool!

  12. Alex says:

    Does it job very nicely, highly recommend to others!

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