KeePassX 2.0 Beta 2 released

Due to some important bugfixes we are releasing another beta.
Hopefully this will be the last before the final release.

The most important changes are:

  • Fix crash when locking with search UI open [#309]
  • Fix file locking on Mac OS X [#327]
  • Set default extension when saving a database [#79, #308]

Please test the new version and report any issues at


You can also checkout the latest source code from our git repository at

Beware: this is a beta release. While I believe the code base is already rather stable make sure to regularly backup your database.

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82 Responses to “KeePassX 2.0 Beta 2 released”

  1. Josep says:

    Long time for final release. Its not good :’)

  2. Michael Stein says:

    Beta 2, yeah.
    Short test is working an my Fedora 22.
    And once more: Thanks for your job.

  3. Cuttlas says:

    Please add “autofill”

  4. Jerry Schetterer says:

    Great job!!!

    Keep up the great work!

  5. Jose Simoes says:

    YubiKey PLEEESE

    good work

  6. Don Montalvo says:

    Nice, danke very mucho!

  7. D says:

    OMG. I stayed on Windows much longer than I should have, only because of keepass. Then I moved to linux and just went without a password manager for years, which was excruciating (not to speak of dangerous).

    Thank you _so_ much.

  8. Pavlo says:

    Thank you. Are there any approximate dates for a stable release?

  9. Mdelato says:

    Very nice! Enjoying KeePass on all the different platforms. Love the Sync file feature!!!

  10. tormen says:


    I am having an issue with Global Hotkey and KDE multiple desktops : if keepassX is open on desktop 1, and app on desktop 4 is active and the global hotkey is pressed, then the “Select entry to Auto-Type” window appears on the desktop 1 (and not 4, like it was the case with keepassX v1). This change of desktop is not nice.

    But the real problem comes when selecting one auto-type entry:

    Neither the window on desktop 4 seems to receive anything and also no window on desktop 1… so basically auto-type does not work in this case.

  11. Jens says:

    I just wanted to express my appreciation, what an awesome application. I use it every day and recommended it to many of my friends. Although it was only 1 friend because i dont have that many friends.

  12. Alex says:

    There is a problem trying to load attached images, they wont load…

  13. Bird says:

    Thank you so much!!!!!

  14. David Lessnau says:

    In Linux Mint 17.2 Cinnamon (x64), Software Manager (the official repository) has KeePassX version 0.4.3+dfsg-0.1ubuntu1. When KeePassX 2.0 goes stable, will that repository update to 2.0 (and update any installed version) or will 2.0 and pre-2.0 remain separate lines?

  15. Whitney says:

    Thanks for this product!! Hoping the final release has the “show expired entries” search feature that the original keepass had, but, whatever if it doesn’t. Just to be able to open my database between oses is awesome enough for me!

  16. Tormen says:


    I just discovered keepassx has another problem :

    Under KDE after some hours of usage of keepassx 2 (my usage: I start it, unlock it and minimize it, then use global auto-type shortcut and unhide/rehide keepassx from time to time)
    ksysguardd and
    kdeinit4: plasma-desktop
    both occupy a 100% CPU.

    Killing keepassx brings back the CPU to normal levels.

    This newly discovered problem, reproduced itself all the last days for me.


  17. chris says:

    anybody else having trouble with Command + C keyboard shortcut to copy the password from an entry?

    it is frequently not copying the password correctly, I have been having to right click on the entry and hit copy password manually.
    which works every time.

    Command + B seems to work fine as does some of the other keyboard shortcuts, really only seems to be an issue with Command+C in this version

  18. Bubba Gump says:

    Hi, thank you very much for continued development on 2.0!! I just made a contribution.

  19. Stefan says:

    All downloads are not working => 404

  20. Lukasz says:

    Yes, all links give 404 error – please fix it.

  21. BeMe says:

    I am so happy that you continue development! Using Beta 2 under Debian Jessie and it works nicely for me. I hope my contribution keeps you motivated 😉

  22. Tim C says:

    Been waiting for an update for a while…. will give it a work out since I haven’t found anything as nice as KeyPassX. Thx for the good work.