KeePassX 2.0 Beta 2 released

Due to some important bugfixes we are releasing another beta.
Hopefully this will be the last before the final release.

The most important changes are:

  • Fix crash when locking with search UI open [#309]
  • Fix file locking on Mac OS X [#327]
  • Set default extension when saving a database [#79, #308]

Please test the new version and report any issues at


You can also checkout the latest source code from our git repository at

Beware: this is a beta release. While I believe the code base is already rather stable make sure to regularly backup your database.

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83 Responses to “KeePassX 2.0 Beta 2 released”

  1. bob loblaw says:

    thank you!!

  2. FlyingSandal says:

    Keepassx is awesome, keep up the good work!

  3. Adam says:


  4. trip says:


  5. Wesam says:

    Thanks a lot for the great job 🙂

  6. KKTK says:

    I have been using Alpha release I think for years and didn’t noticed any bugs. Great job! And thanks for very useful tool.

  7. Gustav says:

    Thanks for cutting a beta2 release so quickly!

  8. bioss says:

    love keepass but new beta does not open kdb file 🙁

  9. Olla says:

    Thanks a lot for your great job!! THANKS!

  10. Thanks says:

    Thank You and keep u the good work!

  11. […] meine Plattformen hinweg zu arbeiten, was unter OS X und Windows für mich eine gute Sache war. KeePassX 2.0 Beta 2 behebt einige Bugs, wie beispielsweise das gelegentliche Abstürzen, wenn beim Schließen des […]

  12. koegs says:

    Autotype is still missing in Mac OS X. :(((

  13. Dave says:

    Greetings – I have been using Keith Bennets version of this from that code has the autotype code operational – any chance you can incorporate that into the base code ?

  14. Oscar says:

    Thank you!

  15. asdf says:

    Thanks! Your work is very appreciated.

  16. Tonka says:

    Thanks so much for the hard work!

  17. Daniel says:

    Thank you very much for the work you are putting into this.

  18. Alexander Bragin says:

    Great!!!! KeePassX is best for me!

  19. Vikas says:

    Cannot maximize KeePassX (by clicking on the dock icon) after minimizing on OS X (Yosemite) on Beta 2. On Alpha 6, this works fine.

    • Nobody says:

      Same Problem here.
      If minimized and the option to hide the taskbar icon is activated, there is no way to get it back by clicking on the tray icon.

    • Brad says:

      Same problem. One minimized cannot restore from dock icon. This worked in Alpha 6.

    • Saulo says:

      I confirm this, I also experienced this same behaviour in beta1, but didn’t tried beta2 yet.
      In an hour or so will test beta2 under El Capitan.
      Thanks for such awesome and useful app.

    • Felix Geyer says:

      Could you please test if the latest build from the 2.0 branch fixes the problem you are having?

      • Nobody says:

        Upgraded via daily ppa (I hope it’s the same).

        Now it works exactly once. When I maximize the window do something and minimize it a second time, it’s the old problem again. I recognized that an icon appears in the launcher but immediately disappears again. So it seems that it minimizes right after it was maximized.

        I’m on elementary 0.3.1 (x64) – maybe it’s a problem with that.

  20. bob says:

    I’ve a small regression, the third level of sub folder isn’t available since le beta 1

    It was ok with alpha 6 :

    Folder 1
    Sub folder 1
    Sub folder 2

    Beta 1 & beta 2 :

    “File name”
    Folder 1

    Subfolders 1 & 2 aren’t seen

    Thanks so much for the hard work!

  21. AmpegV4 says:

    First off thanks for all the hard work, I’ve been using KeepassX for a long time on Linux & Windows. I also use OSX at work now, what i would pay to have auto-type working the 300+ passwords I utilise, it also means i can start using complicated passwords again.

  22. crashd says:

    Thank You very much!

  23. Filippo says:

    thank you! ….. works ok so far!

  24. Stefan says:

    KeePassX 2.0 Beta 2 is not able to open my Keypass database which can be opened with KeePassX 0.4.3.

    Do I need some migration/conversion?