First 2.0 Beta released

We are proud to announce the first beta release of version 2.0.

The most important changes are:

  • Remember entry column sizes [#159]
  • Add translations
  • Support opening attachments directly
  • Support cmd:// URLs [#244]
  • Protect opened databases with a file lock [#18]
  • Export to csv files [#57]
  • Add optional tray icon [#153]
  • Allow setting the default auto-type sequence for groups [#175]
  • Make the kdbx parser more lenient
  • Remove –password command line option [#285]
  • Lots of bugfixes

Special thanks to all the contributers who reported bugs, translated KeePassX and submitted pull requests.

I hope to keep this release cycle much shorter than the previous ones. Only bugfixes and translation updates
will make it into 2.0 at this point.

The development of version 2.1 will start in the master branch while 2.0 will be maintained in it’s own branch.
As Qt 4 will be EOL soon KeePassX 2.1 will only support Qt 5.

Please test the new version and report any issues at


You can also checkout the latest source code from our git repository at

Beware: this is a beta release. While I believe the code base is already rather stable make sure to regularly backup your database.

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80 Responses to “First 2.0 Beta released”

  1. Atronach says:

    Why on earth have you removed the -password command line option? It is one of the essential features in the original keepass2. How can I create a shortcut with a password predefined so I don’t have to write the password on every keepassx startup? The security concert is not relevant – people who don’t want others to find out their db password can encrypt the drive and without decrypting the drive no one can get to the shortcut with predefined password.

  2. Atronach says:

    Ok, I’ve read the security argument in the associated feature report. But still, keepass2 has the -pw command line option and so it should be given as a choice for the user. There’s nothing bad to let it to be up to the user and he would choice between usability or security.

  3. greg says:

    Can someone explain how to install this on Ubuntu? I’ve read the install instructions but I cant get it to work. I’ve never used make and all that crap before.

    • Per says:

      Check out this Ubuntu PPA for that;

      Quick instructions:
      1. Start a terminal
      2. Run: sudo apt-add-repository ppa:keepassx/daily
      3. Run: sudo apt-get update
      4. Run: sudo apt-get install keepassx

      You will now get the latest release of KeePassX with your regular system updates in Ubuntu.

      • Alex G. says:

        This is not true. The version of KeepassX in the repositories is the 0.4 version. The beta is not in the repositories because Beta versions of applications normally are not. The only way to get this on Ubuntu is to compile it yourself using the make process.

        Just follow the instructions in the “INSTALL” file once you download the source code. The hard part is getting all the programs installed correctly in Ubuntu that MAKE needs to run correctly. I had done this in the past and it was not straightforward. But once you get the programs installed, you won’t have to worry about doing it again unless you wipe out your operating system and reinstall it. I am sorry I don’t have the instructions on how to get all the MAKE programs installed because I don’t remember what I had done. Perhaps someone else could assist with this?

      • Alex G. says:

        There is no edit feature. Sorry I have to correct my last post. Per’s instructions may be correct for getting the latest beta – adding that repository might let you install the pre-compiled beta version of KeepassX 2.0. I didn’t do that, however, I installed from source.

        Sorry but I prefer that I had the ability to just delete my last post.

  4. […] nötigen Downloads und alle weitere Informationen zum Beta Release von KeepassX 2.0 findet Ihr direkt bei KeepassX, dort ist auch der offizielle Changelog zu […]

  5. Wesam says:

    Great news. Thank you for your amazing work.

  6. fnkr says:

    Nice! I would like to switch from Mono & KeePass to KeePassX but I need the -pw:xxx command line option!

  7. Andy says:

    Hi guys, thanks for the amazing and hard work, KeepassX is such a great tool. Good news the first beta has been released.

  8. Harry Foster says:

    Use a key file if you want a predefined password.

    • Atronach says:

      That’s not the same thing! A key file can get corrupted, whereas a password is “stored” in your head and is not vulnerable to file system or hw failures. I really don’t get the -password option removal, no one’s forced to use it if one thinks it’s not worth the security problem. I can’t use KeePassX now because of that and so can’t switch to GNU/Linux and have to stay on Windows with KeePass2.

      • Edwin says:

        Can’t you just put your password in a plain text file and use that as the key file? If that file gets corrupted you can just make a new one with your password in it.

        • Atronach says:

          That would be a problem when using portable keepassx on a USB flash disk – I sync my db among my computer hd and a flash disk. When I’d lose my flash disk and someone would get a hold of it, he could find the keyfile and read the password. Whereas with the -password option I can just use the shortcut with it on my computer and when working on another PC I write the password upon keepass startup.

          • Simon says:


            a possible workaround —
            in your bashrc, create some aliases:
            alias setpw=”cat > /tmp/kpxkeyfile”
            alias kpx=”keepassx –keyfile /tmp/keyfile; rm /tmp/kpxkeyfile”

            then when you want to unlock your password db, type “setpw”, press enter, type your password, then press ctrl-D. then open keepass with “kpx”.

            This avoids having your password in your bash history (stuff entered into cat’s stdin is not saved to .bash_history), and keeps your keefile off your flash drive. The ‘rm’ part deletes the keyfile after keypassx closes, so it doesn’t hang around (and in any case /tmp is usually either a tmpfs or else cleared on shutdown).

  9. Phil says:

    Thanks for all your work on KeepassX.

    If I could make a feature request for 2.1, it would be for configurable columns, especially to have the Password column viewable and in plain text as an option.

  10. Frank says:


    does AutoType on MAC OS/X work?
    What is the Hotkey? It isn’t possible to change it.

  11. Max says:

    Thanks for your efforts, exactly what I needed for my Mac, used to login into win8 via parallels prior this version :)(

    Keep up the good work!!!

  12. Malte says:

    Thank you for all your efforts! Unfortunately, after entering the password for my .kdbx-file, I get the following error message:

    The following error occured while opening the database:
    Wrong Signature

    But the very same password still works with the alpha 6 version.

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

    • Felix Geyer says:

      Sounds like you are trying to open the database with KeePassX 0.4.
      “Wrong Signature” is an error message we had in version 0.4 but not in 2.0.

      • Malte says:

        Wow! That was stupid, even for me. You’re totally right – I somehow managed to get to old version from the Download page. Thanks a lot! The 2.0 beta works like charm for now.

  13. aslamK says:

    Congrats and thanks to all who made this happen!

    I’ve been using the Alpha for some time and haven’t encountered major issues.

    Thanks also for the PPA.

  14. Borut says:

    +1 for a feature request “Configurable columns”. Would be much appreciated from a mouse oriented user. Thanks for your hard work and your free time!

  15. Jack says:

    Missing the Mark as modified on expanded state changes checkbox in General in the first beta vs the alpha 6

  16. Richard says:

    Is it going to be import/export compatible with keepass?
    I still don’t know which to use, currently am on now KpX 0.4.3.
    THanks for your work.

  17. SoulEater says:

    Can anyone make rpm package, please?

  18. tesla says:

    Thanks for your great job!
    Unfortunately, i can’t open archives ‘directly’ with file-roller on my Ubuntu 15.04.
    So i have a questions on same theme. What do you think about ‘directly edit’ attached files? Will you try to add this functional?

  19. irfan says:

    Symantec Endpoint gives trojan warning. I think its a false positive. But better you have check;

  20. Dale says:

    Great work, looks good, using it on Linux and MacOSX. The only feature I think this could still really use is a countdown timer for when the clipboard is cleared. It would be particularly useful for new users.

  21. Bede says:

    Thanks for a great product.
    You are doing awesome work here

  22. Mat says:

    Thanks for the great work! Especially happy to see the column width remembered (and a better default width)!

  23. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for this update. You don’t realise how many businesses actually rely on this free tool!

  24. Josh B says:

    Great job! Thank you very much!

  25. akya says:

    Has anyone built a package for fedora? I am not that good at compiling.