Beta slowly approaching

Several people asked us by mail or in the comments if the project is still alive.
I can assure you that we haven’t abandoned it!
It is progressing slower than I would like but it is just a hobby project with only few developers after all.
You can follow the development on our tracker or on Github.

That said I hope to be able to release the first beta in the not too distant future.
The main blockers are two features: CSV export and file locking (so you can’t accidentally overwrite a database that has been opened by another user).
After the beta release we will focus on bugfixes in preparation for the final version 2.0.

That’s it for now. I’ll try to post updates about the development progress more regularly from now on.
Thanks for sticking with us!

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55 Responses to “Beta slowly approaching”

  1. Jeremy Z says:

    Looking forward to 2.0! Is there going to be support for plugins? such as keepasshttp? Would be great before launch.

    • Felix Geyer says:

      That’s out of scope for 2.0.

      Supporting plugins in KeePassX is very tricky anyway from a deployment perspective.
      You’d have to provide binaries of the plugin for every OS and processor architecture KeePassX supports.
      It’s probably only feasible to support plugins that live inside the KeePassX source tree.

  2. Craig says:

    Do you have a list of items that you need help with?

  3. Wesam Alalem says:

    Glad to hear such good news.
    Waiting for the beta.

    Keep up the great job.

  4. _owl says:

    Great to hear it’s coming! From my perspective decent open source password manager is very important and actually is part of critical infrastructure. Can I help? Design/coding? Donations- I did that already and will happily do it again.

    Thanks for great and important work!

  5. KeepassX-User says:

    There is the version of KeepassX Alpha 5 on Github that includes keepasshttp which I used. The keepasshttp part worked very well, just the Alpha was a bit buggy (strange behavior of search field, no possibility to type anything, crashes). Because of those problems I changed to Alpha 6 and it seems to work pretty flawless, but I hardly miss keepasshttp. I know that plugin support is a big issue, but can’t you take the work done by Keith Bennett and merge it into the project to realize native keepasshttp support? Would really appreciate that.


    • Ivan says:

      I’ve merged more recent changes into that tree. The code is a total mess, though. I doubt it will ever be merged in its current state. I would love to clean it up and try and submit to the main Keepassx project, but I currently lack the time.
      You can find it here:

  6. Wilk says:

    Good news!

    Any chance of getting a fast search within the entry list by pressing the corresponding letters into the window (like in Windows Explorer or Finder)?

  7. Andrew says:

    Sounds good. Please let us know where help needed most (code/UI/translations/donations/etc).
    And thanks a lot for your hard work.

  8. Gary says:

    I’ve just discovered keepassx, even though it’s been around for a while. All I can say is SUPER!. I’ve been wanting this exact password manager for many years but have grudgingly been using other apps that came with the big linux DTEs. The group approach is perfect for organizing passwords and the ability to add comments and urls is big bonus. At it’s base this is the simplest and most useful keep I’ve ever seen.


    Looking forward to the final release of v2.

  9. cowin78 says:

    Good to hear about you guys. Looking forward for beta.

  10. François says:

    Great news, looking forward to test it 🙂
    Good luck and thanks for your work.

  11. Bryan says:

    That’s great! Would love to see auto close along with auto lock! I have a script that facilitates the copy of an updated database from another location, but it fails from time to time because I leave KeePass open!

  12. Wztrack says:


  13. Dima says:

    I’m long time user of alpha version. I’m front-end (js, html, css) but if I can help you in some way, feel free to contact me. Email is in comment field.

  14. Tom says:

    “file locking (so you can’t accidentally overwrite a database that has been opened by another user)”

    Hmm… I fear this will cause 2 problems:

    1. With KeePass I was used to sharing a database with other team members. Upon save, KeePass offers to merge the changes. I haven’t used KeePassX in such scenario but I guess the change would rule out this scenario completely.

    2. I currently have the database synchronized with other computers (via ownCloud – Dropbox sort of way). Obviously, this presents the risk of accidentally overwriting the file (which you are trying to prevent with your changes) so I have to remember to reopen the database when starting to work with the other computer. But I wonder if your change will actually prevent the synchronization altogether because the synchronization client won’t be able to overwrite the file.

    Isn’t there some other feasible solution instead of the locking (e.g. merging)?

    • Kepi says:

      We heavily depend on using shared KeePassX database with multiple (20+) users and most of them have it opened all the time. Please take our use case into account. I’ll gladly join disucussion on how to implement this best.

      There is already opened issue for this: #171

      • Felix Geyer says:

        This is how it’s implemented right now:
        When KeePassX detects a lock file it gives you the option to open the database read-only or ignore the lock.
        This is similar how it was implemented in KeePassX 0.4.

        I agree that having KeePassX automatically detect changes and merge them would be nice.
        No one has implemented it though so version 2.0 will certainly ship without that feature.

  15. Lee says:

    Thanks for all the good work. Super excited about final 2.0 and will continue to support.

  16. Chris says:

    Fantastic news. Great project, thank you for keeping it going!

  17. Rupert says:

    Great work, thanks!!

  18. AN says:

    Great, thanks for the update! Excited to see the next edition!!

  19. Erik says:

    This is good news!

  20. Erik says:

    Would you consider it safe to store the password database on a Syncthing folder? I am so far just using Syncthing on a local network. Will be happy if there’s a reply to this 🙂

  21. Erik says:

    Well, I can always use a very strong password,even the file option too.

  22. greg says:

    one thing I hope to see from 2.0 is if the URL Field is filled in, then Keepassx will reference the exact URL instead of a “target window.” This will increase security for online entries.

  23. Ari says:

    Just bumping my own feature request in the Tracker (#193):

    When keepassx is launched, an option to “raise existing instance” would make prevent a second keepassx window from being opened.

    This is to address the following usecase:

    Gnome Shell or KDE shortcut Ctrl-Alt-K configured to run: “/usr/bin/keepassx –config /home/my/config”.

    Currently every time that Ctrl-Alt-K is pressed a new keepassx window is opened.

    An alternative to adding a configuration option for this would be to add a command line switch: /usr/bin/keepassx –raise-existing-instance


  24. Antoine says:

    It’s good to hear from you !!
    Keep up the good work !

  25. Oscar says:

    Great to hear that KeepassX is alive and well. Looking forward to 2.0.