KeePassX 2.0 Alpha 6 released

I hereby announce the latest alpha release of KeePassX: 2.0 Alpha 6.

It fixes a security issue that allows you to use global auto-type even when the database is locked.
Thanks to Dmitry Medvinsky for reporting this.

The most important changes are:

  • Add option to lock databases after user inactivity [#62]
  • Add compatibility with libgcrypt 1.6 [#129]
  • Display passwords in monospace font [#51]
  • Use an icon for the button that shows/masks passwords [#38]
  • Add an option to show passwords by default [#93]
  • Improve password generator design [#122]
  • On Linux link .kdbx files with KeePassX
  • Remember window size [#154]
  • Disallow global auto-typing when the database is locked

Special thanks to Albert Weichselbraun and Michael Curtis for their contributions to this release.

Please test the new version and report any issues at


You can also checkout the latest source code from our git repository at

Beware: this is an alpha release. While I believe the code base is already rather stable make sure to regularly backup your database.

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165 Responses to “KeePassX 2.0 Alpha 6 released”

  1. random says:

    Keep it open source. Don’t make a privative soft.
    Please, donate to those who make your life easier.

  2. JK says:

    I have a issue where my kdbx has apparently become partially corrupt. It works find in current KeePassX alpha, but when I try to use the db in any other KeePass program (like my iPad), I get parse errors.

    I see a program kdbx-extract.cpp in the source tree, but I’m not sure how to build it (never built Mac software) on Mavericks.

    Can someone please give me a 1/2 clue how to extract my db and reimport it so I can build a clean kdbx file?



  3. anon says:

    Since this is noot backwards compatable with .kdb databases, it would be better to change the executable name to keepassx2 since it uses the KeePass2 database format.

    In CMakeLists.txt, change this:

    set(PROGNAME KeePassX)
    set(PROGNAME keepassx)

    to this:

    set(PROGNAME KeePassX2)
    set(PROGNAME keepassx2)

    This way users can try it out without breaking their current keepassx install.