On the road to KeePassX 2

As I briefly mentioned on the forum I’m currently rewriting KeePassX from scratch.
The main motivation behind this is the old codebase of KeePassX 0.* that has become unmaintainable over the years and support for the KeePass 2 (.kdbx) file format.

The goal for now is to gain feature parity with KeePassX 0.4.3 but I also have some ideas for new features (think of it as a long term roadmap):

  • Auto-Type support for Mac OS X and Windows.
    There is already an unofficial KeePassX version on the forum that supports auto-type on Mac OS X.
    I don’t plan to make another 0.* release (especially not one with new features) so this will have to wait until KeePassX 2.
  • Database synchonisation through various file transfer protocols (e.g. WebDAV, (S)FTP).
  • Integration with various components on Linux.
    This should include gpg-agent/ssh-agent integration and support for the upcoming secret-storage specification.
  • User interface that works well with small displays like the N900.
  • Import and export other file formats (especially KeePass 1).
  • Handling translations on Transifex.

This rewrite will take time especially since I’m the only developer at the moment.
So don’t ask me about a release date or the status of these features.
There is no guarantee that they will be implemented.

If you are interested in getting involved with the KeePassX development, now would be the perfect time.
I won’t be able to implement all these features alone so please contact me, drop a message on the forum or visit the IRC channel #keepassx on

I decided to switch from SVN to Git and away from SourceForge so
development now takes place on Gitorious:
and the bug tracker is on:

And the obligatory screenshot:

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149 Responses to “On the road to KeePassX 2”

  1. Marc says:

    I’ve been using keepassx for years now on all my Linux and Windows computers. Would be awfull to have it for small screens like the N900’s too. Thanks for the excellent work.

  2. elgod says:

    Hi, long time KeepassX user here : ))

    Would like to be able to add more than one user/password for a single record/entry each with wide comment/command copy-pasteable field next to it.

    Also will be nice if there is feature like attach external files to records/database.

    The records must have more general meaning not just login details but be able to describe on one place entire service/object.

    For example I want single entry to be enough to handle entire server details or customer info without need to add in a plain text additional passwords at the bottom comments field.

    Thank you for your time!


    • ckharwood says:

      Hi Elgod,

      There are a couple things you can do with the current version that might take care of some of your needs for now. I suspect that some of them would not be implemented because they involve making KeePassX into something it isn’t, which is to say, a password manager. Each entry in the database covers a single login, not a person or service or series of related passwords. To group related entries in the current version of KeePassX, use the folder hierarchy.

      For attaching external files, you can use the URL field to link to files on your own drive. These will not be embedded with the database and so are not portable unless, e.g., they are on the same thumb drive as your copy of KeePassX and you can get the same drive letter assigned to it when you plug in.

      What you are describing is more of a general-purpose database application, and there are quite a few of those available, some designed to do the auto-form-filling type work that it seems like you are looking for.

      Good luck making KeePassX work out for what you need or finding an alternative,

  3. KeePassXUser says:

    I appreciate the work you do. Thank you!
    Can you give an outlook when you plan a first release for KeePassX 2.0?

  4. elgod says:

    Hi CH,

    Thanks for the kind replay!

    Searched many times but still not aware of real alternatives can you please drop me some names at my email. However I can not easily change from keepassx but will give an eye : P

    Sure I am using the folder hierarchy but is not enough for me. Still suggesting that instead of currently only one password having multiple login/passwords each with comment field will be great in many cases and I am sure lots of users will agree. How they will be organized in the database as single records or not is not so important from end-user point of view.

    Thank you for the great work so far and your time!


  5. Clifford says:

    I love KeePass- I use it on multiple computers and my BB mobile. I recently learned how to use Dropbox to keep them all in sync (except BB) and it works great. Having a Mac version that supports the new version database would be really great. Thanks for the current version also as it has been a great help on my Mac.

  6. iPhone says:

    Hello Folks:

    Time to Wake Up! We need an iPhone App!


  7. MattW says:

    We all lovez KeePassX – it is truly all-platform (I use on Mac OS X,
    windows, Android, and Linux)

    Hows the new version coming along?

    How about u make a paid version just for the iPhone folks so you can support the other platforms with their riches. πŸ™‚

  8. Rae says:

    Like many others, I also look foward to the release of a new version.
    This application is amazingly useful, and, as far as I know, is the only cross platform implementation of KeePass.

    Making a paid application for Iphone or Android users is not a bad idea! The funds could encourage you to keep up development.

    But of course keeping the entire project free and open source is the best path. But users must get used to DONATING. Open Source projects are ‘free’ but we should realize that they bring us much greater freedom- (no proprietary lock-in, assurances that the project won’t disappear tomorrow taking our data and days or years of inputting data into the application along to the software-grave). If we like some open source app, we should make a donation to recognize and thank the developer’s efforts and contributions.

    Looking forward to news about version 2.0

  9. engberg says:

    HI, glad to read, that you will try to port to KeePass 2.x Version.
    i hope, you have all the best!

  10. iDiabloX says:

    Hello folks:

    MiniKeePass for iPhone is now available at the iTunes store, it is free and better than the other paid options for iPhone.

    Now you can take your KeePassX data with you on the go.

    Go ahead and try it.

  11. esqo says:

    Unfortunately, MiniKeePass isn’t much use with KeePassX 0.4.3 as it only supports v1.x & v2.x databases. I might not be right here but I can’t open my db on MiniKeePass and I assume that is the reason. So no iPhone sync until v2 appears πŸ™

    • esqo says:

      My apologies. KeePassX uses v1.x databases so should be fine with MiniKeePass, so ignore my previous comment. There must be another reason why my db won’t load into MiniKeePass.

      I have 2 theories: First, one of my entries has a file attachment and MiniKeePass may not like that. Alternatively I may have secured my db with a key file as well as a password which would also explain the problem.

      • iDiabloX says:

        KeePassX, iPhone and MiniKeePass:

        I don’t think MiniKeePass can handle database attachments, neither key files. This is because the does and dont’s Apple imposes on its OS for the iPhone (iOS)

        You should create a new database and transfer only the logins and passwords you use most often. To do that – I use the create RAM Disk function on Snow Leopard Cache Cleaner and copy the KeePassX app to it, so I can have two KeePassX apps running in the same time for easy copy and paste between the two databases (your older and new database just for the iPhone. But you should first create the new database using the installed version of KeePass on your Mac and save it to hard disk or USB.

        Please note that creating a RAM Disk using Snow Leopard Cache Cleaner is only temporarily – as its name implies, and it is only purpose its to keep two versions of KeePass running on your Mac for easy copy and paste between you two databases.

        About syncing your newly created KeePass database for your iPhone it is plain better and simple to use iTunes – No need to set up complicated WiFi transfers, neither you have to grant access to an iPhone app to be able to access you DropBox login credentials and modify data on your DropBox account – which I consider a security risk – no matter who the developer of the iPhone App is. Your KeePassX database will always be transferred to your iPhone in encrypted form, but to double protect it you should also enable the use of Encrypted backups on iTunes.

        In addition, you should only transfer from your main KeePassX database to your new KeePassX database for iPhone your must often used login credentials and passwords which you will actually be using from the iPhone. I mean, there may not really be a need to transfer your +250 logins and passwords to your iPhone if you are actually just going to use 10 or so.

        I like MiniKeePass because its Open Source and Free, just as KeePassX, but I also have found it to be better than the other paid apps capable of handling Keepass databases on the iPhone. I mean, if I ever need to spend money – I will prefer to make a donation to the Good Fellows of KeePassX and/or MiniKeePass.

        • Anonymous says:

          You mention using a RAM disk as a way of running two copies of KeePassX in order to access two datafiles at the same time.

          Instead of a RAM disk, would it wok to have a copy of KeePassX installed in /Applcations and another in ~/Applications?
          Or what about running the second copy directly from a .dmg ?

        • esqo says:

          Thanks for your reply iDabloX. It turns out that since a recent update to MiniKeePass, my db now opens with no problems. However your suggestions are a good idea and I think I’m going to create a second db for my iPhone.

  12. Freaky says:

    @esqo How about just copying the file, opening that, changing the key file/password, deleting everything unnecessary… Probably much faster than copy/pasting half the thing.

    Any news on v2? We’re approaching a year since the last announcement and the git changelog doesn’t look promising :(.

  13. Bananiel says:

    “So don’t ask me about a release date or the status of these features.”
    It’s been a year now.. could you at least give us a hint ? Are y ou working on it at all atm ?


  14. dspolleke says:

    It has been a year now.. Any news?

  15. KeePassMac says:

    Yes. It’s a year now. Hoping get KeePassX 2.0 soon.

  16. Stygmatik says:

    I’m happy than I’m not alone to wait for it.

    I just hope that he’s not dead since πŸ˜‰

  17. harry says:

    still watting…

  18. Kevin says:

    Wow – just stumbled across this app – totally cool. I have it running on my Windows XP PC along w/KeePassDroid on my Moto DX2 and syncing db via DropBox. Awesome!!! Two Thumbs up!!!

    Is Version 2 of this still in the works?


    • Anonymous says:

      @Kevin, wouldn’t you be better served by using the original KeePass which is being actively developed – rather than this KeePassX port which seems to be a dead project?

  19. Jeff_B. says:

    For those who don’t want to wait for KeePassX 2, you have OTHER options.

    Let’s say you have KeePass 2.x on your Windows machine (.kdbx database) and KeePassX 1.x (.kdb database) on your Linux machine; and want to keep the 2 databases in sync. I found a clever solution using KeePass 2.x “Triggers” to automate the .kdbx to .kdb conversion, and it uses DropBox as the sync location to hold the 2 linked databases.

    Works nicely – kudos to Leon Meijer! Details here (look for the September 13, 2009 blog entry):

    • Jeff_B. says:

      One important consideration re: this work-around is that it creates a 1-way sync only: kdbx > kdb.

      This means that database changes you make on your Windows machine (KeePass 2.x – kdbx) will sync to your Linux or Mac machine (KeePassX 1.x – kdb) … but NOT in the reverse direction. So this method is ideal if Windows is your primary machine.

  20. _kud says:

    Can’t wait to see KeepassX supports KeePass 2.x databases.

  21. Anubeon says:

    Is anybody alive? Any news vis. KeePassX2 or an update to the launchpad PPA (for natty, oneiric, etc…) perhaps? I hate to be a nag. πŸ˜‰

  22. Anonymous says:

    May I please request for Chrome integration via KeepassHttps Plugin Support

  23. Tobias says:

    I tried to build a version for Mac so I can view my kdbx files, because I couldn’t wait longet, the version ist far from complete, so I disabled saving and added the password field.
    Works on my MacOS Lion feel free to test it:

  24. Vincent Daubry says:

    I’m a heavy user of KeePassX 0.4.3 on Mac with paid iPhone app, i’d love to see this new version !

  25. keepassuser says:

    Hi there, big fan of KeePass and KeePassX – just wondering if you have many any progress with the latest KeePassX? πŸ˜€