KeePassX 0.4.0 Beta 1 released (call for translations)

This is the first beta release of the upcoming KeePassX 0.4.

It contains a bunch of new features such as a pronounceable password generator, a “Tools” menu in the entry dialog to ease the use of auto-type, automatic backup of changed entries and of course some bugfixes.

Hopefully we can provide more translations of KeePassX in the final release. So if you’re able to speak a language that is not yet supported or the translation is incomplete, please have a look at the translating page.

Warning: This version is experimental. Don’t use it in productive environments and backup all your databases.

Source Code: KeePassX-0.4.0beta1.tar.gz (Installation instructions)
Mac OS X bundle: KeePassX-0.4.0beta1.dmg

Full changelog:

– Added pronounceable password generator
– Added action “Copy URL to Clipboard”
– Added “Tools” button to EditEntryDlg: Window List and Auto-Type sequence
– Improved Auto-Typing: ability to type all unicode characters
– Added option to save database after every change
– Associate KeePassX with *.kdb files on Linux and Mac OS
– Display warning when opening a database that is already opened
– Distinguish between adding groups and subgroups (Bug #2194057)
– Store list of preferred characters in password generator (Bug #2432748)
– Implemented backup feature
– Don’t include entries from “Backup” group in search results
– Clear Klipper history when clearing clipboard
– Redesigned the Settings dialog and added ability to select language
– Added gl_ES and it_IT translations
– Cache and protect MasterKey – speeds up saving database
– Added 2 new password generator options
– Fixed: Unnamed Database saved as “.kdb” (Bugs #2109972, #2118340)
– Fixed: Date of Modification isn’t updated (Bugs #2108658, #2121768)
– Fixed: Predefined expire times don’t work (Bug #2109987)
– Fixed: Sorting isn’t consistent (Bug #2108655)
– Fixed: KeepassX fails to lock itself after Ctrl-V (Bug #2106604)
– Fixed: Position of main window not properly restored (Bugs #2090649, #2371738, #2336064)
– Fixed: No password generated using list of very special characters (Bug #2230887)
– Fixed: Crash if minimize to systray with locked workbench on Mac OS (Bug #2482531)
– Fixed: Exports aren’t sorted consistently (Bug #2108661)
– Improved the initialization of the Windows RNG and fallback random number source (Bug #2091784)
– Improved Mac OS bundle information (Bugs #2096992, #1921260)
– Improve tab order in many dialogs (Bug #2130397)
– Added nostrip qmake option

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23 Responses to “KeePassX 0.4.0 Beta 1 released (call for translations)”

  1. Caronte says:

    As usual, a lot of great work, well worth the wait. Backup functionality made it into trunk!
    Thanks so much from a daily & happy keepassx user

  2. How about adding patch 2022607 to quickly open an attached file and securely delete it after closing it?

  3. Dae says:

    KeePassX still won’t open Windows Keepass kdbx files, says “wrong signature”.

    I had to convert kdbx to kdb format in Windows to make it work on Mac. Ugly bug!

  4. SniperBeamer says:

    kdbx is the database format of KeePass 2, which is still in BETA stage.
    You really shouldn’t use unfinished software for something important as your passwords.
    So please stop complaining about the lack of KeePass 2 database support.

  5. bdmayes says:


    Thank you for your patch…I have to admit I haven’t looked at it until now. It looks like it was a diff against version 0.3.1 code, so it’s probably going to need some tweaking. I am incredibly busy right now with well, life, but I’ll discuss with SniperBeamer to see if it’s something we would like to include. It sounds pretty good, assuming I can get it working and mold it into whatever the current SVN release is at the time. Perhaps it will be included in a future release? 🙂

    Thanks for your hard work!

  6. t3chm@n says:

    My recommendation for anyone wanting to use KeepassX ( OSX ) and Keepass WINDOWS is to make sure you DO NOT use version 2.0 on windows. The databases are different and you will have issues when trying to open the file under OSX.
    Personally, I only keep one database copy under my windows bootcamp partition and I access that database from OSX with read/ write permissions by using NTFS3G.
    Works very well for me and my database is always up to date no matter which OS I use.
    Thanks again for a great product!
    I am eagerly awaiting a port of this for the iphone 3g. ( ikeepass )



  7. osxuser says:

    hey there, what about a rss feed from this site… so i can get my information direct to my apple mail programm.
    please port it to iphone and make auto type availible for mac!

    thx and best regards

  8. SniperBeamer says:

    There is a rss feed available:
    For an iPhone port, have a look at:

  9. Alex says:

    Can you add option to change visibility of Username in main window of groups?

  10. Alex says:

    sorry, i have found it

  11. bdmayes says:

    autotype for OS X is on my todo list, it’s just that it’s a large enhancement, I don’t have a whole lot of time right now, and to be perfectly honest — I don’t have an idea yet for how to accomplish it. It’s just not something I have looked into thoroughly yet. I hope to have it finished for a future release, but I cannot offer any particular delivery date.

  12. Frank says:

    I’m using a HTC Touch SmartPhone with Windows Mobile 6. So I need to use version 2 of KeePass. Seemed that this version here is still not able to work with the databse of the version 2. So I still need to start my PC from time to time with Windows only to manage new entrys in KeepPass and export the database there into version 1 for the Linux version….
    I hope there will be any solution for that.

  13. Fabian says:


    please read comment #4 from SniperBeamer.

  14. Frank says:

    Sorry, but I can’t see any other solution for my HTC as to use Version 2. Version 1 is not running on Windows Mobile 6 Prof. Or am I wrong?

  15. Bud says:

    Great product guys. I was using a password protected Excel file for all my passwords, till I heard my buddies talking about this software. Word of mouth is so powerful these days.

    People really need to learn how to request something instead of complaining. If they think they can do better, why dont they make their own software? LoL…

    What I would use a lot would be the Perform AutoType like Linux has in Windows. Its not really a big thing though since I can copy to clipboard.

    Well keep up the good work guys. I look forward to seeing future upgrades.

  16. Svein says:

    I don’t think there is any need for the hostility towards requests for the 2.x database. People are not complaining, and I think a question can be legitimate.

    Yes, both I and more people with me understand the danger of using beta software. And instead of doing anything that can be considered as a complaint, here is a request:

    I would love to see support of the 2.x database in Keepassx. I love the KeePass programs and as I have a dual boot laptop with WindowsXP and Kubuntu, it would make my life a lot easier.

    What would be nice is an indication to when we can expect you guys to start looking at this. I expect you have a lot to do, so it might be some time in the future. That is totally understandable. It is just nice to know when we should start looking for a new version 🙂

    In the mean time – thank you for a great product. It is very valuable and I am trying to find a way to communicate with the kwallet people to request a way of active syncing or direct use of database.

  17. number_one says:

    SniperBeamer, KeePass 2.08 FINAL was released today, so you can’t use the beta excuse anymore as a reason to not support the 2.0 database format.

    In any case, the beta period is when the 2.0 database format SHOULD have been integrated, so that when the software was out of beta the support would be near complete. Targeting an old DB format versus the newer one was never a good idea to begin with.

  18. HackBert says:

    I second number_one. Please, please please add the 2.0 database support. And a feature to convert databases automatically…


    Hack Bert

  19. mart says:

    i downloaded 0.4.01 and drag-n-drop works fine.
    But Global Auto Type and plain Auto-Type does not work . Using Ubunty latest ver
    Any suggestions?

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  21. Daveyboy79 says:

    I also second supporting the 2.0 db structure in Linux… Just tried to open the windows file on here. Never realised I was using Beta, not until I looked this up. However in all fairness, the solution does seem quite simple (caveat: haven’t tried it yet!)

    Thanks for all the work on this, it really is much appreciated 🙂



  22. […] コメントする » 恐れていたとおり、現時点(2009/11/19)では、KeePassX for Macはauto-typeが動かない。KeePassXの掲示板でも2009年2月リリースのBetaで未対応について聞かれて「やろうとは思ってるけど、方策もたってないし何時までにとは言えないよ」という開発者(?)の返答が入ってる。リソースも少なそうだし、KeePass 2.xのデータベース対応が先っぽいのでたぶん2,3年はかかるんじゃないかな。(自分で作らない限り) […]