KeePassX 0.3.2 released

This is another (mainly) bug fix release. Please report any remaing bugs!

Due to the lack of developers a Mac OS X build is not yet available and it might take some time until it’s released.

As always you should make a backup of your password safe before upgrading. Once you open your database with KeePassX 0.3.2, custom icons won’t be avilable anymore on older version.


  • add default groups when creating a database
  • improved the auto-type dialog (keyboard only usage, visual selection feedback)
  • automatically try to unlock db when global auto-type key has been pressed
  • fixed password encoding problem (Bug #1687864)
  • fixed sorting of date columns (Bugs #1861726, #1922311)
  • fixed problem when restoring window after auto-type (Bug #1978861)
  • don’t use entries in ‘Backup’ group for global auto-type (Bug #1915664)
  • hide contents of search field while database is locked (Bug #1923554)
  • fixed: custom entry icons are not saved (Bug #1995561)
  • added new icons introduced in KeePass 1.11
  • improved format of date strings (Bug #1932394)
  • added missing menu accelerators (Bug #1955304)
  • fixed: line breaks are ignored in Entry Detail View (Bug #1942362)
  • master key transformations (rounds) are now computed in two threads (from KeePass 1.11)
  • added ability to measure the number of rounds that can be calculated in 1 second
  • increase and randomize the default key transformation number
  • print help if parsing the arguments fails
  • disable precompiled header on FreeBSD by default to fix compilation error (Bug #1943446)

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  1. Kailin says:

    That’s really thinking out of the box. Thansk!