0.2.2 Leopard Hotfix

Many people reported that the current version of KeePassX (0.2.2) crashes on the new version of MacOS X 10.5 alias Leopard. This problem is now fixed and you can find a updated build for Leopard in our download section.

Direct Download Links:
KeePassX 0.2.2 for MacOS X 10.4 and 10.5 (Intel x86 only) 4.6 MB
KeePassX 0.2.2 for MacOS X 10.4 and 10.5 (Universal Binary: Intel x86 and PowerPC) 8.7 MB

This hotfix does have a minor visual side effect: Some buttons are displayed as tool buttons even though they are dialog buttons. This is just a problem of 0.2.2. Version 0.2.3 will show the correct buttons and remove some other GUI issues on MacOS X as well.

Additionally to the MacOS X 10.5 support a fix for a very annoying bug in 0.2.2 was backported from the 0.2.3 branch:
Files which do not have an extension get no longer greyed-out in the file dialog and the correct extension (.kdb) gets now automatically appended to the filenames of new databases.

Added an universal binary bundle, the first file was x86 only even though the link title said otherwise.

The downloads are not longer available. Please use the new versions of KeePassX instead, which are now fully Leopard compatible.

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51 Responses to “0.2.2 Leopard Hotfix”

  1. Pito says:

    same issue as #9 and #36, cannot add KeePassX to spaces list. I want it to have it on all spaces. No luck :/

    Otherwise great app

    thanx a lot