[lang_de]Installation (Linux Programmpaket)[/lang_de][lang_en]Installation (linux application bundle)[/lang_en]

[lang_de]Hierfür ist keine Installation nötig. Nachdem Entpacken des Archivs können Sie KeePassX durch Ausführung des Sriptes ‘’ starten.[/lang_de]

[lang_en]No installation is required. After the archive has been unpacked KeePassX can be started by executing ‘’.[/lang_en]

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  1. Linux Beginner says:

    I don’t understand. I want to put this on my usb drive. How do I do that????????????????????//

  2. eugen says:

    step 1. download KeePassX from:

    step 2. unpack the archive

    step 3. start KeePassX by double-clicking ‘’

  3. John Straker says:

    I’m new to Linux and am using the Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn in a VMWare Guest 5.5.4 build 44386

    KeepassX seems to be running ok and I can create groups and entries but when I run it from a terminal I get errors. Should I be worried about this?

    Fontconfig warning: line 32: unknown element “cachedir”
    Fontconfig warning: line 33: unknown element “cachedir”
    Fontconfig warning: “/etc/fonts/conf.d/80-delicious.conf”, line 18: invalid match target “scan”
    X Error: BadDevice, invalid or uninitialized input device 167
    Extension: 144 (XInputExtension)
    Minor opcode: 3 (X_OpenDevice)
    Resource id: 0x0
    Failed to open device
    X Error: BadDevice, invalid or uninitialized input device 167
    Extension: 144 (XInputExtension)
    Minor opcode: 3 (X_OpenDevice)
    Resource id: 0x0
    Failed to open device
    Kpx: No Translation found for ‘English (UnitedKingdom)’using ‘English (UnitedStates)’
    Qt: No Translation found for ‘English (UnitedKingdom)’using ‘English (UnitedStates)’

  4. Buzz says:

    $ ./
    ./ 6: ./bin/keepass: not found

    I don’t get it?

  5. thegeekster says:

    @Buzz – Did you leave the “” file in the default folder it was extracted in? It should be in the “KeePass-x.x.x” directory (where -x.x.x is the version). If you moved “” to a different location, you will need to edit the “appname=” line and hardcode in the full path to ‘KeePass-x.x.x/bin/keepass’……

    BTW, The “appname=” line could be better written as:

    cd `dirname $0` ; appname=`pwd`/bin/keepass

    This is much better than hardcoding the path, although “” still needs to be in the “KeePass-x.x.x” directory….. 🙂


  6. Anonymous says:


    I downloaded and extracted the bundle version 0.2.2 and it works fine in my ~/download folder.
    however, when i copy it to either my ext2 or my fat formatted usb sticks, the won’t start.
    it returns the following error:

    “bash: ./ /bin/sh: bad interpreter: Keine Berechtigung”
    (from the console)


    “Failed to execute child process “/media/usbdisk/KeePassX-0.2.2/” (Keine Berechtigung)”
    (when i start the in my thunar-filemanager)

    note: “Keine Berechtigung” is German for “permission denied”

    i already did a chmod -R 777 /media/usbdisk and made myself the owner of all and everything on the stick in order to grant myself all the permissions i could possibly need…

    what am i missing to make the app work properly on my usb-flash-drive please?


  7. yogesh says:

    how the keepass work

    help me

  8. LuPuS says:

    i tried to run keepass on unix. Wenn i start it the following message appears:
    keepass: Cannot find /lib/

    First time i startet it. Everything went right. But after a reset no more.
    Any Idea?


  9. Anonymous says:

    Is it possible to run keepass in a TomTom (GPS) linux based system? I have not foud any password manager that runs on the Tomtom Go 720 device
    Any Ideas?
    Best regards

  10. Vlad says:

    Tried to install KeePassX from tarball v0.3.4…

    I’ve got Error on stage “make”:
    /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lXtst

    any ideas? how to resolve such issue?
    (just in case… I’ve RussianFedora 10 + Qt version 4.4.3)

    Thank you all in advance.

  11. Luchador4 says:

    Vlad trie it

    sudo aptitude install libxtst-dev